Thank you for making the work you make. It was my pleasure attending the show. I was able to get the package at my old apartment. I borrowed one of those sortof crappy wheeled trolleys from the Halal store on the corner of ###th and [Named] St. and brought the thing home. I felt like a homeless person but it was an adventure.

[P.S. I understand French very well.]


Dear R.,
I’m glad to hear you arrived in S safely. Did you see any weird people on the train? I did on this city’s # train. More like heard. The dude’s robot beggar ditty started with: I am [Name], I was recently released from prison and I don’t have a job. If any of you have money or a job I could work–any job–please let me know. I think the prison part was weird. He didn’t provide any information as to why. I felt like if I heard something like I feel as though I served too much time for a petty thoughtless act or Don’t worry, I committed a petty crime or–well, whatever, some explanation–I would have given him some money. Sometimes the crime fits the time. I don’t know where I am going with this.


Dear S.,
You’re like a teenager all the time. I’m like one of those girls whose boyfriend you stole.


I am tired. I made a potato + cauliflower + herb mash for dinner. It looked good. Too much garlic or not enough butter. I felt like I was suffering from whatever that artist YK suffers from all day at work today. Severe lack of focus, probably because I am interviewing for the second time at another place tomorrow. I don’t know if I’ll feel the same way tomorrow, but I don’t want my employer to think I want him to change the course of my 18-month plan. I know I don’t want to omitted for the company. That’s where I drew the line in the sand, gravel, flagstone, tumbled rocks, whatever.

I had a fucked up dream last night where two Japanese girls dressed in white decided I would look good with 2/5ths of my head shaved. (Half of) One of those stupid haircuts that people in non-coastal cities sport that people in coastal cities have grown out of. The Japanese girls and I were in some huge building with a wonderfully complex plan running from people inflicting some sort of violence. Evening. A lot of people in white. Parts of it looked like 10s 20s images of New York with light shining beaming from the Woolworth building bouncing off other facades.