from my job tomorrow. Resignation letter is short. I think I did enough to ensure that my employer doesn’t take it (the words) personally. It would be best if they all just figured something is really just wrong with me. Decided on personal reasons rather than issues. Decided that I was enabling all that’s wrong with practicing omitted in the real world. Decided I was enabling a version of omitted that took a back seat to pushing paper. That’s why I’m leaving abruptly. There has to be that personal one-liner, pager, novella that omitteds always return to in order to assess the values they’re omitting (for their omitted). Omitteds always need to beautiful, even if one needs omitteds to omitted it on one’s behalf. Omitted is the one thing I believe in and, since I’m committed to functioning in reality, or on its terms (temporarily?), I better work a job where it can stay something I never lose faith in.

L (initials will no longer be followed by a period), while consoling me re the Omitted issue, said [My name] I have faith that you’ll get through this. I really do. He’s the only person I want to be around lately. He dreams and does and still has his life ahead of him.

I trust that the decisions I will make over the next 24 hours are good ones.

I sometimes tell myself, At least now when my parents tell people where I work, they can drop the name proudly. At least it stands for something. At least it stands for Omitted, and the kind of practice where people didn’t give up on the brainwaves it’s all built upon.

Thoughts are separating.

I think about the person I love most in the world and my sister telling me about a nun interview on NPR, how she said something like–