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from my job tomorrow. Resignation letter is short. I think I did enough to ensure that my employer doesn’t take it (the words) personally. It would be best if they all just figured something is really just wrong with me. Decided on personal reasons rather than issues. Decided that I was enabling all that’s wrong with practicing omitted in the real world. Decided I was enabling a version of omitted that took a back seat to pushing paper. That’s why I’m leaving abruptly. There has to be that personal one-liner, pager, novella that omitteds always return to in order to assess the values they’re omitting (for their omitted). Omitteds always need to beautiful, even if one needs omitteds to omitted it on one’s behalf. Omitted is the one thing I believe in and, since I’m committed to functioning in reality, or on its terms (temporarily?), I better work a job where it can stay something I never lose faith in.

L (initials will no longer be followed by a period), while consoling me re the Omitted issue, said [My name] I have faith that you’ll get through this. I really do. He’s the only person I want to be around lately. He dreams and does and still has his life ahead of him.

I trust that the decisions I will make over the next 24 hours are good ones.

I sometimes tell myself, At least now when my parents tell people where I work, they can drop the name proudly. At least it stands for something. At least it stands for Omitted, and the kind of practice where people didn’t give up on the brainwaves it’s all built upon.

Thoughts are separating.

I think about the person I love most in the world and my sister telling me about a nun interview on NPR, how she said something like–



shaking the leg that’s attached to the foot, that’s perched on the c. 1901 wood floor, that’s supporting said leg and the other. I’ve prepared for the 11am interview as best I can–now all I have to do is stay awake until then. In about an hour and a half: send off 2017 email to Omitted (that I prepared an hour ago; tone veers tense, and rightfully so). Two hours ago: arrived from that city, where I spent the past two weeks glued to the slopes and off the screens and avoiding all work emails, especially the ones from the omitted who’s an asshat, who convinced my favorite person at work to leave, who may have also convinced me.

I am nervous for the interview, but confident that I’m (at least) within the top 3 on the list of ideal hires. I won’t look awake enough and this will work to my disadvantage. I’ll wear what I have worn to the interviews that have landed me jobs: a black shirt, a black sweater, black slacks, a colored pair of socks (tough shit if the color’s not their jam), a pair of shoes I like (that bring me closer to my ideal height, that are leather, laced and flat).

I spent the past week incredibly angry at Omitted (same instance as above). I shouldn’t be sending the email. I shouldn’t be acknowledging Omitted considering what Omitted’s been putting me through and what Omitted will put me through in 2017. I need the universe to toss me a loophole around this one, or a black hole and a little force. My sister tells me to plan for the worst, meanwhile I’ve only planned for what’s just a little worse than whatever’s transpired over the past few months. I told her that if it happens the way I think it might, that I’d tell everyone Omitted omitted, that I’d write a book about all the different ways he omitted as a way to keep track of the trajectory of the lie (that he omitted). I don’t know what I’m allowed to do and what I’m allowed to feel. My sister tells me I’ve assigned Omitted too much credit. I hesitate to believe her. I want to pretend the universe has something else in mind for us. I want to think Time has something else in store for us.

In around an hour: send the email. In around and hour and a half: leave for the interview.


on Ikea bookshelves x 3 on my FB feed and why was I on there and why are those high value books on such shit shelves? I built out the wall in my room with the same shelves and I’m an asshole for criticizing, but at least I spanned the pair with a desk console I built myself and the top of the bookshelves in order to frame out the window and reinforced the shelving with found L bracing that I reversed and–whatever–furniture is expensive and everything else is expensive and sometimes you just have to cut corners and sometimes the coincidence of the shelves + extension unit + extension unit matching the height of your room is just something you just fly with. I like how common it looks. But I’m not in that apartment and right now I hate how I feel (re Omitted and work and the future). I never once thought anything bad about him. That’s all I keep repeating in my head.

I’m not looking forward to returning to the city, going back to work on the 2nd, opening my mailbox to find two bills (electric, Internet), waiting for hot water to course through the radiators so that my apartment will feel like a greenhouse–before all that: taking the train to the apartment from the airport (I’ll probably take a cab instead). I am looking forward to the back and forth with Omitted (new instance) re interviewing them them. I’m just glad they read my resume and got back to me. The whole application process just reinforces that my skillset is bullshit and that I would’ve been better off if I had stayed in school, then stayed in school again.

I’m looking through our books and hating the time we spent together. I’m looking through our books wondering if they hate each other as much as you hate me. When it involves picking between doubles to read, I pick mine over yours. This makes me hate you less.


posts: Select All > Bulk Actions > Edit > Status: Private > Update. I’m starting this over for the third time. The last post I wrote was in late May, when I was still talking/writing shit on the people I shared space with. *(Moved far below). Here’s a since-May short-form update:

  • I no longer live with Troglodyte & Oxtail. Half a month before the end of my lease in the apartment I shared with them, I got on CL for the daily STUDIO APARTMENT NOW browse and happened upon a listing for a turnedouttobea1-bedandnota studio in omitted, a few blocks east of the Trog & Oxtail apt. I contacted the landlords for a viewing the next day, filled out paperwork and submitted 12xrent proof of savings and 40xrent proof of income the same day, signed a lease by that week’s end, hired movers and bounced the next week. I didn’t warn Trog & Oxtail, didn’t say goodbye or wish them well. I took all my furniture and the common spaces were stripped bare when I shut the door on that apartment.
  • I’m still multi-job overactive, but started a full-time job in October at an omitted omitted. I am good at the job, am poorly compensated compared to the two other part-times I maintain in order to stay overactive and distracted from all the bullshit Omitted’s been putting me through over the past few months. Full-time doesn’t suit how I think about life and how I want to use my time but at least I’m distracted, have a wealth of material for the omitted I’m working on and the petty wage adds up.
  • Dealings with Omitted ([same as previous usage] which I wrote about asabstractasIcan-edly in the past of this blog) are still shit and it’s radio silence and thinking about it–silent, colorless, and god I’m just trying to be compassionate, ambivalent, et cetera et cetera et cetera.
  • I’m thrilled about having moved to the 1-bed. South-facing with three giant windows in the living room, non-electric heating, a bathtub, car wash water pressure. I finally got around to building out the wall around the bedroom window as a bookshelf/desk and filling the shelves with all the books I previously had drawered a few days before I left the city for this city for the holidays.

I thought I was going somewhere with this. I think I’ll use this to journal regularly and to work through the situation with Omitted in words–hopefully it won’t turn into too much of an emo-dump.

Same rules apply with this restart: the/this city = the city where I live / the island (unless otherwise noted), that city = the city where I grew up, the city that I quit = the city where I spent 4 years of my life and had to quit in 2014 and miss tremendously and that I’m trying to mimic by living in the/that city.

*[Aside alert] Before I get carried away with this entry–Merry Christmas to anyone who is reading. Re Christmas: I’m thrilled it fell on a weekend because Christmas Eve mass covered Sunday mass. I’ve had to attend mass every day for the past week because I’m home for the holidays and my parents omitted an omitted for omitteds in the omitted omitted. I secretly love Christmas, whatever’s left of it when it’s stripped of the tunes, decorations, etc. The family stuff, mostly. My sister is in town too. We spent the day around the house. She was more productive than I am. My parents are extremely proud when they introduce us to their friends (those related to the reason why we attended mass every day this week and otherwise)–we’re the kids that skipped town, made something of ourselves and are well educated, we both live in places a lot of people would dream to sustain themselves in, we still come home and attend mass with them and support their endeavors as devout omitteds despite only believing in our parents’ God because of what that god means to them, etc. I’m (sick) grateful for all the time I can spend with my parents and the twin.